MIS Report Format in Excel For Accounts

Reducing costs can be quite efficient and limitations on the expense can; therefore be prevent if MIS report is available for accounts. Custom excel format especially design in according to particular operation management. This reporting format has major significance as decisions can be taken on it. Complete statistics of cash balance report, bank reconciliation, daily/monthly accounts relates information.

Looking for “Custom” format for your Own company?

Let’s look some regular reporting format for many companies like; (manufacturing, stock-take, IT service and others).

To provide aid to accounting department excel is providing unlimited benefits as general ledger for transactions are available in excel as well as balance sheet can be prepare according to accounting standards in this tool as well. For management information system, again it is operate to show role of specific department in the specific time period.

Some Popular types is listed below;

  • MIS report for Logistics
  • Mis report for Sale/Purchase
  • MIS for Manufacturing Company

MIS Report Format in Excel (Features)

First of all you should analysis your own need according to work. Check some Mis report basic functional and characteristic.While reviewing different types of reports, look for one which is already create for the purpose you are looking for like:

MIS Report Format Excel

  • Reviewing sales pattern: Merging sales pattern of different products help calculating net sales revenue which then becomes part of balance sheet and profit and loss statement.
  • Key indicators: Instant data can be collect about areas which are critically analyze for the specific project as its success is dependent on these.
  • Advertising report: This one is consider most popular, as advertisement is part of all businesses whether it’s a restaurant report or if you are operating event Management Company.

Benefits of MIS Report Format For Accounts

Do analyze what must be part of specific report as being an accountant. You maybe answerable about any accurate information, on which the decisions of company are base. Systematically organization in meetings can be practice through reports, which prevent excessive discussions due to unawareness about the specific subject.

In addition, have a look some basic industry’s

MIS for Logistics

In transport company’s this will help to maintain record and data of every vehicle. Almost all logistics companies get benefit from this one.

MIS report for Sale/Purchase

For daily to hourly base sale/purchase companies been using this type of reporting template. Customer base company’s i.e (Customer service center, Stock Market).

MIS for Manufacturing Company

Sample especially design for manufacturing companies, department wise selection according to requirement.


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